Cottage Pillow Choices for Your Cottage Home Decor

Cottage Home Decor Furniture Placement Guide The key to great design using cottage style decorating is the proper placement of your cottage style furniture. No matter if your items are straight from the show room or comfortably broken in, where you place these cottage furniture pieces will ultimately define the entire look and feel of your entire cottage home decor.

When you are in a cottage home that is furnished with beautiful things, but the rooms still look "off" somehow, that is because the cottage style furnishings are not placed correctly and the rooms are out of balance, but it doesn't end there. You not only see this imbalance, you can feel it.

How It Looks Is How It Feels!

Discover how to make your rooms look and feel beautiful by just knowing where to place the items you already own. "Where Do I Put The Sofa?", is a short compilation of steps that will guide you through a simple process to make every room in your home using cottage style decorating look and feel the most beautiful it can be. After discovering these simple four steps, you will never have a problem with proper furniture placement in your cottage home decor again. [ Click here for more information ]

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Tommy Hilfiger Rooftop Terrace 20-Inch Decorative Pillow

The Tommy Hilfiger Rooftop Terrace collection is inspired by the cottage home and lakeside cottage. The brushed cotton accented with a brightly colored trailing floral vine of yellow, raspberry and turquoise. Decorative square accent pillow from Tommy Hilfiger sewn from 100-percent cotton; machine washable. Modern floral print reverses to green awning stripe. Coordinates with the Rooftop Terrace bedding collection. Measures 20 by 20 inches (measurements may vary due to fill)

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