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Cottage Style
Cottage Home on cottagehomeinteriordesigns.comSo many different ways to say comfortable! There is English Cottage Decorating, French Cottage Decorating, Family Cottage Decorating, Country Cabin Decor and the most recent style of cottage decorating is Shabby Chic Cottage Style!

Cottage Style Decorating is easily defined as a casual and relaxed style of decorating where you - and your guests - feel comfortable and at home. Cottage style decorating makes it easy for your cottage bedroom to be a part of your overall cottage home decor plan.

What is a cottage home?
Country Cottage Decor Icon on cottagehomeinteriordesigns.comEven though the "real" definition of a cottage is a small one story house, a bungalow, in the country, a small vacation house, the definition within our lifestyles has changed over the years. Cottage home decor has helped to define the cottage home.

How cottages have changed.
Country Cottage Decor Icon on cottagehomeinteriordesigns.comMany are now living full-time in what was the family cottage or vacation home. Some are on lakes, rivers or are a cabin on the banks of a favorite trout fishing stream! Others enjoy ocean beach front cottages! An entire industry has emerged devoted to the atmosphere, sense and feeling of the cottage living lifestyle.

The new cottage lifestyle
Country Cottage Decor Icon on cottagehomeinteriordesigns.comRetiring baby boomers are beginning to enjoy the adjustment to a downsized lifestyle. Visit any major bookstore to discover books and magazines which are devoted to an entire culture of the cottage living lifestyle and cottage style decorating!

A simple but elegant personal look
Cottage Style Buttons Icon on Decorating cottage style makes it easy to create rooms of relaxed simplicity brimming with comfortable charm. Add your own special flair every time you change pillows, create new slipcovers, add a stack of books on a new floral tablecloth. Paint the room and add new curtains and fluff up the pillows and plop down on the couch and curl up for a relaxing evening your way, in cottage style.

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A Cottage Bedroom is Relaxed Simplicity

Think of how much better days could be if you began and ended each day in the comfortable setting of a cottage bedroom! It could help you maintain a serene mindset throughout your day.

Bedrooms are for more than a good night's sleep! Bedrooms in general serve many purposes within our busy lifestyles. Some lounge and relax while others watch tv in bed or curl up with a good book while devouring a good snack in bed. And yes, some just use their bedrooms for sleeping. They are at the same time close, intimate, private and open to many.

What is the best theme for your cottage bedroom?

The casual cottage chic and cottage style decorating used throughout your home can carry over into your cottage bedroom. A lot will depend on the size of the room and your existing pieces of furniture. You will also need to consider your closets and what you require for clothing storage.

A Romantic Cottage Bedroom

Cottage Bedroom ThemesRomance is such a state of mind! Work with whites, roses, pastel colors and add lots of crisp cutwork and lace and ruffles. Use fabrics which blend in the same color hue and feel free to mix patterns. It's not necessary for any of it to match. Think of adding rose and floral patterned china and porcelain pieces which can also serve as a catch all for jewelry and other items which might clutter the bedroom landscape. Layer fabric and tablecloths of different sizes on side tables and night stands. Add a luscious bedspread and pile it high with different sized pillows made from different fabrics with different designs.

If you have space in your bedroom consider adding a free-standing full length mirror, a dressing table, a chaise lounge for quick naps, or a comfy reading chair and side table for your cup of tea.

Cottage Chic Cottage Bedroom

Cottage Bedroom ThemesIf you want to match beauty, comfort and form with function this might be the perfect cottage style for your bedroom. Choose furniture pieces which are functional, look for overstuffed chairs and add soft and feminine slipcovers in either white or pastels. Cottage Chic has a soft and feminine look with a vintage look of well made and sturdy pieces.

Vintage Bungalow Style Cottage Bedroom

If you live in a bungalow built before 1950 you probably already enjoy utilizing many custom built-ins from that time period including bookcases, French doors and surprise nooks and crannies everywhere. Stay with your color theme of neutral colors, use solid colors and accessorize with large floral patterns and look for framed botanical or colorful Audubon bird prints.

Beach or Lake Cottage Bedrooms

Imagine you've opened your window to hear the sound of waves reaching the shore, crickets are chirping off in the distance and the birds are settling in for their evening songs. The white loosely hung curtains are swaying gently to the evening breeze and you have found the perfect beach cottage bedroom! Keep it simple and light with white, adding touches of blue and yellow fabric and accessory pieces. Add slipcovers to your chairs and fluff up the pretty floral and striped pillows on your white wrought iron poster bed.

The Allure of a French Cottage Bedroom

Cottage Bedroom ThemesJust the thought of a Provincial or Parisian cottage style bedroom conjures images of past royal intrigue. Imagine a bedroom with warm shades of blue and yellow and add touches of ornate gold framed prints and mirrors highlighted by lush vintage linens monogrammed with every letter of the alphabet, and you've got a French cottage bedroom. Add paintings of huge flowers and painted trays and lamps.

An English Cottage Style Bedroom

Calming, relaxed, overstuffed chairs next to high beds requiring a step up and a room full of fabrics and art of roses and other lush plants from a typical English garden. Stick with the faded hues of bold and big colors for draperies, bedspreads and curtains.

Country Cabin Cottage Bedroom

Cottage Bedroom ThemesCountry and cabin cottage bedrooms abound with patchwork quilts and pillows, primitive and weathered pieces, small floral patterned fabrics and collections of pitchers, platters and bowls providing functioning accent pieces in muted primary colors of red, green, and gold.

Casual Elegance Comes Together with Cottage Chic

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Cottage Bedroom
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"Where do I put the sofa?"
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Your cottage style rooms will look and feel like a cottage home by just knowing where to place the cottage furniture you already own. "Where Do I Put The Sofa?", is a short compilation of steps that will guide you through a simple process to make every room in your cottage style home look and feel the most comfortable and relaxing for you, your family, and your guests.

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